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"There's More to Security Than Just Feeling Safe"

Alarm Core, LLC is full service alarm company and CCTV installer whose goal is to holistically assist customers and organizations with timely and efficient service. For that reason we have taken on all types of low voltage assignments, including Access Control with Keyless Entry, Fire Alarm systems, and Intercom systems. This commitment to quality has led to successful relationships with customers and communities. We have the ability to handle all aspects of supply, design and installation and servicing of our clientele, thus allowing them to do “one stop shopping.” Alarm Core, LLC is unique in that we truly respect and care about the customers, organizations, and communities whom we serve.

Alarm Core, a first generation company, was founded in 1998. What is unique about a first generation company is that Alarm Core has drawn from their own experience and the experiences of the people with whom the company has worked. Initially the company’s focus was new home construction, primarily with area builders. later, they began working with property owners and community development organizations. Many times, Alarm Core found itself having to assist with hostile security situations that were mishandled by the other, larger firms who held the original contracts.

Alarm Core Looks to empower organizations in the 21st Century as we move them to the next stage toward innovation in the security field. We have a diverse group of products and services and provide a different approach to working with customers. A multifaceted approach is used to solve the customers needs and concerns as they relate to safety. Alarm Core knows that safety issues require more than just relying on police or having security officers assigned to locations. Electronic security is the wave of the future, which we have embraced as our core business. Additionally, as security consultants, the company educates customers in the latest security procedures and designs systems based on clients needs on a long-term basis, not just a temporary fix.

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