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The new HRGX embedded digital video recorder is the latest in our lineup of feature-rich cameras and DVRs providing affordable video surveillance solutions for a wide range of everyday security applications.

Offering an advanced feature set at a low price, the HRGX is ideal for a wide range of surveillance applications, including small to mid-size retail outlets, apartment buildings, warehouses, and educational facilities.

The HRGX series digital video recorder (DVR) offers clear crisp video using H.264 video compression and supports a high-end feature set that exceeds the needs of many surveillance applications at a very economical price!

Recording at a rate of up to 480 (16ch), 240 (8ch), or 120 (4ch) images per second 4CIF real-time NTSC video, the HRGX DVR supports a wide variety of capabilities such as smartphone remote access (apps for Apple iPhone® and Android), mouse control, IR remote control, and multiple search engines to quickly find the evidence video. In addition to remote access from iPhone and Android devices, HRG can be remotely accessed by using multi-site remote access software.

Two USB ports enable intuitive mouse control and simultaneous DVR operations such as backing up video evidence files onto USB media. A viewer is included with each clip, making it easy for investigators to view video evidence. HRGX supports continuous and event recording and is configurable per channel. HRGX can also be configured to record upon detection of motion within a user-specified area. Recording upon detection of motion can be used to maximize storage efficiency.

HRGX is well suited to support applications that rely on capturing maximum detail of activity through building entrances and exits, and clear video playback.

Remote access from mobile and fixed locations opens up many new application possibilities for HRGX. Business owners on the move in this highly mobile society can check in on their businesses from virtually any location with Internet access.

Specs and Features


  • H.264 compression
  • Dual stream support
  • Main stream encoding at up to WD1 (960H) resolution in real time
  • Channels independently configurable
  • Continuous and event recording
  • Watermark verification
Monitoring and Playback

  • Simultaneous HDMI, VGA, and CVBS outputs
  • HDMI/VGA output up to 1080p, CVBS output up to 4CIF
  • Multi-channel synchronous playback
  • Optional video loop out
  • PTZ dome control for a wide variety of protocols
  • Privacy masking (4 configurable zones)
  • Alarm and device exception notifications

  • SATA HDD with up to 2 TB storage capacity
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) options available
  • 2 USB ports for backup to flash drive or other storage device
  • Self-diagnostics, including S.M.A.R.T. disk health check

  • USB mouse and remote control included
  • Unlimited free licenses to remote client software (PC and Mac)
  • Remote access through web browser – no software needed
  • Free apps for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices
  • DDNS service

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